A little bit about me

This is a video that introduces me a little..

hope you like it

click here to see the video

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7 Responses to A little bit about me

  1. Evani G says:

    Sorry to hear about your white carpets! And I love bright colors too 🙂

  2. Debi says:

    Good luck with the blog. You’re off to a great start! 🙂

  3. anakirana says:

    i can see that you are a girl that have so many passions about all things, obviously in art ,,that Cool!!!!me too, and cant wait to see more of your tutorial about sewing,etc. Anyway,,my mom is interior design and property consultant haha,, maybe u can share stuff someother time. and for sure Red Color is nice color 🙂 Success for your dream! thx for ‘following’ my blog. Visit also my blog lookatm3.wordpress.com and esmodec.wordpress.com

  4. lovenikiblog says:

    Hi pretty lady, cute blog 🙂 I’m officially following. Did you know you can put your youtube videos directly on here without having to have the link to it. I always love to help others, lemme know if you want me to tell you how the video thing works


    • justinawei says:

      hey thank you sooo much for following! How does that work with that video posting?
      I have tried it but it doesnt really work maybe I do something wrong?
      Thank you for your nice message! You are so nice.
      Have an awesome day

  5. lovenikiblog says:

    Trying embedding the video using the ’embed code’ found on youtube. Just add the code the any post and taadaa….the video is right there for your readers 🙂


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