Fashion…a way of expressing who you are


Dresses, Pumps, Make up, Fashion Magazines.

People think you are superficial if these are your interests. These are my interests,yes,

but does that mean, that I am superficial?

Seriously I love Fashion for what it is.


I read a VOGUE and think: This is what my heart beats for. So what?

Its not like I have no other interests and its not like I am aaaaaall about clothes and style.

I just love the feeling, when I have sewn a nother dress, that nobody else on the world

has. I love trying new looks and expressing how I feel with how I look. This doesnt make

me stupid how a lot of people say.


Ohh its just clothes!

Thats what they say. Ok well maybe for you.

For me? It is INSPIRATION. I breath for the fresh air of a new style and wearing things

that I have sewn by myself and by my own created design. If you want to see some sewing tutorials, I will upload some on my channel on youtube :


Fashion and Make up is a lifestyle to me. And I life for it…


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9 Responses to Fashion…a way of expressing who you are

  1. I think that’s a really good point that you’re not superficial if fashion is your passion – I have been guilty of thinking the same, but a lot of that is to do with your upbringing and the culture you’ve been around. Being creative, designing, appreciating good handiwork – fashion is so much more than “just” being vain! Don’t let anyone tell you different and keep it up 🙂

  2. alyknowsbest says:

    I love this post! You are NOT superficial because you are a fan of fashion. Fashion is an art form and should be respected as such. A person who works in fashion should be treated the same way a photographer and painter is treated. If not with more respect (fashion is a difficult industry!)
    X Aly

  3. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog! I think it’s cool to be interested in style and fashion. The way you describe it, it’s another art form.

  4. luvenlust says:

    I love this blog ! Thanks for checking out my blog……I love the picture of the model scantly dressed posing next to that dress..#werkitmama…have a great day!

  5. I completely agree, well said!! As long as your a well-rounded individual who values other things besides material goods, you are not superficial. Keep being fashionable and fabulous! Xx

  6. rosyragpatch says:

    Fashion is fun & it’s even better when you sew your own fashion. That way it isn’t superficial at all – it’s a craft and as Donna says it’s an art form. Have fun!

  7. Margarita says:

    I, too, love to sew. Like you, I feel it’s a great form of self expression! 🙂

  8. sovegnavos says:

    The fact that you love fashion so much doesn’t make you superficial, or stupid (of course not!), at all! Not everyone will understand, but fashion is an art, and the fact that you have a sense of style and make your own clothes makes you an artist.

  9. Hi again, your blog reminds us all not to judge. Fashion is how u express ur creativity and that’s just fine. U show us ur soul when u share with us so we too can look after ourselves. The fact that u put thread to fabric is no less creative than those of us who put pen to paper. The thing is, for all of us, we must never neglect our souls and connection with our God (whichever God one believes in) as we express ourselves in whatever medium. This keeps us grounded and connected to that lifegiving force which drives all creativity. Keep going Justina…. u are just fine as you are. Leanne

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