Sparkly Dresses…?

Oh how I love these dresses. I have sewn one like that for myself and wore it on a party. And people were like: “uhhhm u know what?? That looks soooo over-the-top gurl betta change before someone will say it out loud.”

Seriously, girl wearing a pink dress with white leggings and a black hat ?
I love this look, why do I get comments like that from a girl (that by the way, always hated me) ? that is meeean! My dress looks a little like this one below.

It took me so long to find the right fabric for it and it took for ever to sew it.

Well what I can say is Iove these dresses and no you wont look like a giant discoball wearing them. They are…fabolous !!!

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10 Responses to Sparkly Dresses…?

  1. Thanks for stepping by and subscribing to my blog! I’ve had a lot of fun browsing through yours as well! Loved the tutorial on nudelips! keep it up! xx

  2. People will always try and bring you down for different reasons. I think its pretty rad that you are sewing your own clothing! Rock on girl!

  3. Hey, thanks for the follow!

  4. What is not to love about sparkly dresses!!

  5. niki says:

    I think it looks great!

  6. Kim Tank says:

    I love the last dress, is that yours too?

  7. sofiabaldini says:

    sparkly dresses are amazing, don’t let the haters take you down 🙂 do your own thing, always

  8. patsymmarie says:

    No not at all they’re very sexy classy remind me of jlo

  9. dFashionFanatic says:

    I love sparkle and shine. I love it so much that most of my hijabs have some form of bedazzle on them. Add that to some of my shiny clothes and sparkle shoe and I say its a job well done. So girl forget those idiots who are afarid to go bold

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