Fresh Summer Make up Look

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2 Responses to Fresh Summer Make up Look

  1. celticadlx says:

    Like I said, you are too CUTE!!! Go girl, you’ve got a great thing going here on your blog. Keep up the FUN work!

  2. Brittany says:

    You said to tell you what looks we would like to see… I’ve watched your videos on YouTube and thought I would get the nerve to ask 😀 I was wondering what you would suggest for someone in my situation… I have had to take a lot of medications since my brain surgeries and they have caused my face (and body) to be very bloated, which makes my face look puffy. My eyes are small anyway (in my family we call them the squinty eyes), I’ve never really been one to wear a lot of makeup but since my surgeries my eyes have a lot of dark circles around them, which I know is normal but it’s frustrating. I will be going on a small trip next week (the first one since all of my surgeries and complications in February). I don’t have a lot of makeup but would love some tips on how to freshen up my face and make my puffy eyes kinda “pop.” I don’t know if you could help but I’ve loved watching your tutorials and thought it was worth asking.

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