New ideas for sewing tutorials…

So I will get my sewing machine back from my aunt who fixed it on wednesday. And

yaaay I can sew again! what about these ideas?




let me know!!!

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36 Responses to New ideas for sewing tutorials…

  1. TheOne says:

    I like the skirt in the middle!

  2. justinawei says:

    Yeah it looks so girly and colourful…I like it,too
    wow I actually think I will do a sewing tutorial on all of these styles…
    they are all so pretty

  3. stylegals says:

    SOOOO cute! sew me something? πŸ˜› I love your blog and definitely will be checking on it from time to time(:
    ~The StyleGals(:

  4. Curls & Q says:

    Such fun! So feminine. 😎

  5. lotsofbeauty says:

    loooove them all! if you can sew those you are amazing!! wow!

  6. Love Button says:

    Thank you soo much for following my blog. I’m brand new to blogging. I took a sewing class years ago and I am interested in picking it up again as a hobby. Maybe we can do a collaboration together on both of our blogs once you have sewing tutorials.

  7. Mazigrace says:

    You are a real fashionista! Bravo!

  8. patsymmarie says:

    I love the lace dress and then last picture. With the see through top ..

    Do you make clothes?

  9. bankermtg says:

    I love the skirt in the middle – look forward to your sewing tutorial.

  10. Love the skirt too and thanks for stopping by my blog πŸ˜‰

  11. emiklio says:

    Can you make those? Wowww, they are gorgeous.

  12. I am amazed by anyone who can sew because I have absolutely no patience for it, I love the flowery skirt!

  13. Doxa says:

    #1 & 3 absolutely stunning + make the senses go wild!

  14. laniersmith says:

    I love the first skirt with the ribbon shash belt. It looks so timeless and classic. Something you would wear for seasons to come! Yes number one gets my vote.

  15. Nancy says:

    love them all!! can u really sew all these???? #me jealous!

  16. why am I here in a handbasket? says:

    I love all of them.

  17. Love all of these! Yes, please to the sewing tutorials. Your blog is wonderful, would love for you to check out mine:
    Keep up the great work!

  18. kategreer says:

    I love all the looks! Having done some sewing before, if you can sew any of them then I”m extremely impressed! Button holes have me stumped! My favorite look is the probably the first! Goodluck!

  19. Anna Hergert says:

    I made the skirt in the middle for my daughter in May – it looks fantastic! Go for it and best of luck!!

  20. Shutterbug says:

    I love the first dress, and I’d love to see a tutorial on it!

  21. RC says:

    I love all of them, and I’m going to check you out on YouTube – thanks for following my blog.

  22. Liz Marsden says:

    I love the middle skirt too, it’s a really flattering shape

  23. love the lace dress! I really wanted to sew so I can make myself a well fitted dress since I’m quite big but I’m scared to try… can u somewhat help me start?

  24. laubao says:

    Thank you for your “like” notification on my blog!
    You can sew? ..I like it !! I like the first dress!
    I’m trying to sew something today, but I’m not that good yet!!

  25. I love that skirt in the middle! I took a sewing class last November and now I can’t even remember how to thread the machine! hahaha

  26. whatsnormality says:

    I really like the skirt in the middle! the fabric is very similar to a skirt I made recently. I had been planning to post a photo of it on my blog sometime in the near future!

  27. Tawia Tsekumah says:

    This is one of the the classiest blogs I have ever visited (sincerely) and going through the photos is very relaxing. I don’t know if other visitors feel that. I think you have a gift.

  28. nackynice says:

    Hi my friend, I love this tutorial… btw I tagged you to be the part of the game β€œblog tag” click this link to join. It is really fun. Have a blessed day.

  29. Dwight Hawryluk says:

    I absolutely adore the first dress! The skirt is wonderful!

  30. sabhskitchn says:

    love the white dress, it is gorgeous! πŸ™‚ haha let me know should you need ” a model” to try it for you. πŸ˜‰ I d be happy to volunteer, I m sure a lot of the girls here would. hehe. cheers from barcelona.

  31. I’m really loving your fashion sense. Would love having you collaborate with me on my blog.

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