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18 Responses to hihi

  1. Jan Deelstra says:

    In the picture is the hair I wanted. I went to a Sasoon-trained gentleman. I look more like a little China Doll than a cool and hip trendster. It’s all about the angle…and he didn’t give it to me. So WHERE in the world is the stylist that did this PERFECT cut??
    PS~ I too am a serious Francophile…just sayin’.

  2. nouveauyuppiebeauty says:

    That is one cool iPhone case.

  3. vanetua says:

    Nice hair!

  4. neelkanth says:

    Beautifuly pictures are so inspiring.

  5. Jeni Johnson says:

    Wow, that IPhone case is blinging awesome!!!

  6. blissfullym3 says:

    OK firstly I love your hair cut… I’m looking for a new hair style… & how cool is that phone case… I love it!!!

  7. Belle dame says:

    love the iPhone case! Eiffel tower (Paris!!!!) ❤

  8. nadz93 says:

    love the hair!

  9. isaac976 says:

    the hair is gorgeous my dear.. but I am a minimalist when it comes to phone covers. 😛

  10. tonyahines says:

    I had the same picture I brought to the stylist when I wanted the same cut…I loved it! It is a fantastic cut I think looks great on most people. I have since let it grow out, but I think it is great that we both used the same pic to let someone know the cut we wanted! Love the phone decor too…super cute!

  11. That blonde cut is stunning. I love my Aline, but sometimes I wish it was that dramatic!

  12. skeptlorist says:

    The iphone case is definitely prettier. I love that comparison of the pretty case with the flower etc and the black gloomy industrial look of the tower.

  13. Cool cover and the hair looks cute

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